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Molecule7 Hospitals and Medical Institutions (p) Ltd.An innovative medical initiative, is conceived developed and executed by Medical professionals with multi regional medical and managerial experience. We are at Molecule 7 Hospitals and Medical Institutions (p) Ltd .Medical care is termed as a capital intensive industry with socio-economic significance. But it is always a bottleneck to organize the capital required with better manpower mix for better hospital management. Generally the hospital is managed by doctors, religious organizations, trust, NRI`s and by business houses, which does not have a viable mix of doctors, medical engineers, financial experts, management experts and proper marketing. The capital for building up a hospital and the working capital funding are generally organized through equity and debt. In the current scenario, the public participation is limited and therefore the transparency of billings. But medical care is accepted as one of the high margin business with social value additions. Manpower attrition adds to the hindrance in managing a hospital, which also do affect the patients as the key medical personnel's change, resulting in the discontinuity of treatments.

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Creation of an environment where medicine treates the body and care treats the mind,a place of psychosomatic bliss.

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The Concept

A conglomeration of seven specialties and each specialty maintaining its independent and uniq features,M7 is designed ...

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Our Presence

We are significantly present in Kenya extending our medical care management services to Botswana,Somaliland, Mogadishu...

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