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Molecule 7-Model of Management.

In Molecule 7 model of management, each specialty acts as an independent Molecule. Therefore each specialty is self sustained unit with high doctor revenue. This avoids attrition and unwanted involvement of other non medical departments. All the non medical departments will be a support function to the Molecule. In this model doctors are employers restricted to the respective department management. The number 7 denotes the focus on 7 specialties:
1. Cardiology
2. Orthopedics
3. Neurology
4. ENT
5. Eye
6. Dental
7. General Medicine


1 Every department in the hospital works like a molecule which increases the doctor commitments and avoids attrition.
2 Diversified management provides better patient care.
3 High revenue for the doctor in employer mode without investments.
4 Consistency in the treatments for the patients.
5 Network of hospitals without capital confusions, as Molecule 7 follows the 3P`s model of business (explained below).
6 Management exposure and area exposure.
7 Doctors promoted from Employee to employer.
8 Supported by professional marketing and sales team, taking the name of the doctor to greater heights.
9 Better equipment and bio medical guidance as the best engineering personals are part of the team.